7BasicTypes on iOS

One Home Screen

7 Basic Types transforms the experience of using your iOS device. Instead of page after page of home screens filled with icons and icon folders, the 7BT system provides a way to store everything on one screen with a fixed number of folders.

The foundation of 7BasicTypes is the premise that all apps and application output falls into one of 7 categories. Any app you can think of belongs to one of the 7 Basic Types categories. 

Some apps may blur the lines a little bit, but if you think about the primary purpose of app you will see where it belongs.

With that knowledge in mind, suddenly any app can have a predetermined home, a
place where it belongs by default.  

Where Stuff Goes

When thinking about which 7 Basic Types compartment an app should be stored in, think about the app's primary purpose. Many apps provide a mix of functions, but there is normally a primary function the app provides.

The following are some guidelines about what type of app should be stored inside each 7 Basic Types compartment:


Audio is where any audio related apps go. Naturally a music playing app goes in audio, but so do audiobook players and voice memos and musical instrument apps.

Examples: Voice Memos, Music, Podcasts

Text for Folder Name:



🅐 _________⏌


The Conversation compartment is meant for apps that facilitate dialog between you and someone else, in all its forms. The phone app, an app that allows a voice conversation via VOIP, a chat app, or an email app. Any app related to online bulletin board systems, forums and social media where the focus is on communicating back and forth belongs in the Conversation compartment.

Examples: Phone, Messages, Mail, FaceTime

Text for Folder Name:



🅒 _________⏌


The Data compartment is for apps that generate or store key pieces of information about our lives. A weather app or an app that creates a online reservation for a flight booking, a car ride or hotel belongs in Data. If it's an app that returns fragment of data or provides a means to create new data - it will be stored in dates.

Examples: Clock, Compass, Calendar, Reminders, Weather

Text for Folder Name:



🅓 _________⏌


From computerized card games to first person simulators, this is where to go to start playing a game.

Text for Folder Name:



🅖 _________⏌


Apps that create or store still images like photographs, graphics or maps find a home in this compartment along with moving images like videos and animations.

Examples: Camera, Photos, Maps

Text for Folder Name:



🅘 _________⏌


If the app's primary function is to construct or tell a story with words then the app belongs in this folder. 

Examples: Notes, Safari

Text for Folder Name:



🅣 _________⏌

System Configuration

This folder is the storage location for anything that controls a setting for a user application and any utility that changes the look or functionality of the system. Settings, system informational apps, app stores, music stores - anything that will change how the system looks or operates is stored in System Configuration.

Examples: Settings, App Store, iTunes Store

Text for Folder Name:


Configure Your iPhone 

At present the configuration process requires the manual creation of folders in iOS to accommodate the 7 Basic Types compartments.

The default configuration requires 13 iOS folders - 2 each for the Audio, Conversation, Data, Games, Imagery, and Text types and 1 folder for the System Configuration compartment.

The first folder for each Type should be one page of frequently used apps of the given Type. The second folder is for all other related Type apps that are used less frequently. The second folder can contain multiple pages.

Create a New 7BT Folder

Long press an app icon and drag it onto a related app icon.

Long press an app icon and drag it onto a related app icon.

In this example, 'Messages' is dragged onto 'Phone' to create what will become one part of the 'Conversation' folder.

In this example, 'Messages' is dragged onto 'Phone' to create what will become one part of the 'Conversation' folder.

Accept the default folder name for now.

Accept the default folder name for now.

Copy 7BT Label from This Page

Label text is available from above.

Label text is available from above.

Note: Some characters, spacing and alignments may seem incorrect when viewed in some web browsers, however everything should look correct after cutting & pasting into iOS.

Paste the 7BT Label 

Tap 'Select All'

Tap 'Select All'

Tap 'Paste'

Tap 'Paste'

The new label is now in place and additional 'Conversation' apps can be moved here.

The new label is now in place and additional 'Conversation' apps can be moved here.

Repeat for Remaining 7BT Folders